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Hello all,

Not so much a question as a thank you, especially to Gideon Green, for taking the time to make this script a reality. There are many queries here about free plugins, and, as I learn more about the format, I will try to help with those, but as someone who has maintained a codebase all to himself for over a decade, I wish to thank Mr. Green for focusing all this positive attention on this format.

I don't know what counts as higher praise than this, but I am moving a codebase that has existsed in a dedicated format, since 2003 to your software, not because it is the ONLY software out there, but because it is the BEST software out there. Thank you for everything.

To everyone else, I think we should +1 this strictly to let Gideon Green know that what he started makes a difference in all our lives.

What do you say?
Q2A version: 1.7

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Totally agree, Gideon did a fantastic job. This proves that he has a high conceptional understanding, is a highly skilled developer and a nice person (can say this from my communication with him).

+1 good guy in this world :)


And let us not forget about the other developers who put their time and sweat into the project, especially Scott, pupi1985, jatin.soni, sama55, NoahY and maxjtechno. +6 good guys :) ... well actually even more (!)

And yourself, of course! Good job to everyone!
Absolutely didn't mean to exclude other developers,  thank you for pointing that out!  The new people making all the commits to the core, and developing plugins are miracle workers in my book.