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1.i wan't use badge plugin in persian.i use translated file and rename that to "qa-badge-lang-fa.php" and place in "qa-plugin/q2a-badges/".but my badge except three one not translated.

2.why in my badges list page,badges are in bottom of page(scroll down.you can see badges)

please help me.

thank you very much

Q2A version: 1.7

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Firstly, the file you've uploaded is from the poll plugin. Nothing to do with this one.

Then, in order to rename the badges, once you've selected Persian in the combo in the admin/general section you have to navigate to the Badge plugin options. In there you need to click on each badge an input a the name you want. Once you've done that you have to click Save.

For the space issue in the badges section go again to the plugin options and add this code at the end of the CSS text area:

.qa-template-plugin-badges [class^="qa-part-custom"] {
    padding: 0 0 0 10px;

If you're using an RTL theme then try changing the padding to:

padding: 0 10px 0 0

Add the following code exactly in this line:


thank you for solveing my first problem;-)
please help me to solve badge list page problem.
thank you
I've updated the answer
thank you.but with use this code i have problem in my other pages that using this class.
(i'm newbie)how i can create a new class for that and how use that class in php files?
thank you again
Ok, I've added a check so that this only affects the badges page (I thought that was already there!)
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it's done.thank you very very much
but now the badge widget don't show badges(only show badge names)
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Ok. One last try. Remove the CSS and the line with the IF statement and apply the new CSS and the template as explained in the answer