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Hello everyone
Well, I have a pretty strange question ..
I am the site administrator Question and Answer here >> I noticed that we are missing plugin for 90% of the Czech language and do not know where you can send a completed translation concerns that many plugins that are not on our website here >> czporadna.cz
so is there any place where you send them?
Or you can distribute separately to each developer? ...
You are doing a great job on plugins so I'd like to join at least in translation in the language CS (cz Czech language) and SK (sk Slovak language) ..
So if developers are interested please write to e-mail ellcupakabra@outlook.cz
This also applies to pages here >>> >> http://www.question2answer.org/addons.php Q2A 1.6.x - Czech (Czech) by David Bucek. ...Czech language publication there is an incomplete download I already translated it full just do not know where it strengthens ..
Thanks for the help ellcupakabra

+1 for your contribution.
You should take a look at this post http://www.question2answer.org/qa/40745 in order to make the translation v1.7+ compliant. Also note that several translation keys have been added in the new version that will need to added too

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The Q2A core translation should be sent to Gideon... you can use the contact form for that: http://www.question2answer.org/feedback.php

Regarding each plugin, yes, you'll have to contact each developer of the plugin you want to translate. You can do that from GitHub, this site, the author's site, etc.