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Target (admin option)

Admin > Points > Having your answer selected as the best:

Current specification and my thought

Currently, If user answered to own question, few points is given to their. However, high (+30*10=300) points is given to selected user regardless of the question contents. In between the best answer for simple (non-critical) questions and the best answer for advanced (important) questions,  points should be changed.‚Äč

Improvement suggestion

I think best answer points should be changed according to the vote count of the question. In addition, votes for best answer might also be reflected to the best answer points.

Simple example

  • Best answer of - (minus) voted question: +5*10
  • Best answer of +5 and lower voted question: +10*10
  • Best answer of +10 and lower voted question: +20*10
  • Best answer of +11 and higher voted question: +30*10

Your thought?

If you have additional specifications and more good suggestions, please suggest.

Best regards.

Q2A version: 1.7

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I don't really see what the problem is. If a user answers the OP's question perfectly then that's the best answer for the OP regardless of how many votes it has. And if they have a lot of votes then they already got more points, there is no reason to add even more.

Doing something like this also makes it more complex for visitors to understand why they got 30 points here but only 10 points there.
I will explain a little more for you.

For example:

[Case A]
Question (usera): Is there option for changing site URL structure?
Answer (userb): "Admin" > "General" > "URL structure"
Because this question is well known matter, another user did not give votes.
usera selected answer of userb. As result, userb got *300* points.

[Case B]
Question (userc): How to add inline style to <body> tag of my site?
Answer (userd):
(1) Make new plugin
(2) Add layer function with codes below
     public function body() {
Since this question was a useful information for many users, this question got a lot of votes.
userc selected answer of userd. As result, userd got *300* points.

Do you think that it is equal (correct) that userb and userd get the same point?
But userd didn't get 300 points. They got all the points from the upvotes as well.
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You might be misunderstanding. Or will my recognition is wrong? Please someone explain to us.