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My problem is not about spammers posting questions on the website but rather the number of spam users who register on the website. I am using Google captcha on registration page too, I still get 2-3 spam users registering on the website. I even limited number of registration per IP/hr but they change their IP addresses. 
Can this be implemented in core using a third party API (like https://akismet.com/) when posting / registering?

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Maybe you should try the new reCaptcha that is implemented as part of the core in v1.7. That should decrease the number of SPAM registrations. Note v1.7 is not officially released yet but you can still get the code from here: https://github.com/q2a/question2answer/archive/master.zip

Yes I have implemented this on my site and it looks to have stopped the spam registrations - the number of users registering each day has more than halved!
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I'm using AntiBot Captcha plugin with the latest q2a version.

it is working very well and has almost stopped spam registrations using bots. (I had 1000 to 2000 bots registrations each day!)

Just install it go to plugin settings increase the "Symbol count" to more than 6 and add some letters to "Character Set". (Characters are case sensitive)

Here is the link: https://github.com/pupi1985/q2a-kk-abc