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Hi everyone and happy new year!

After implementing the Q2A Bot, I've now created a directory of Q2A sites which is automatically updated on a daily basis. It shows Q2A sites with at least 100 questions, but with spammy sites removed (there are quite a few!)

Before I link the directory in to the main Q2A web page, I'd like to get a general feeling if people are comfortable with it and the information it shows.


BTW, you can already opt out using a robots.txt file - more information here.

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Looks very nice, gid. I'm surprised at the number of questions on some of the top sites!

Only thing I would suggest is some pagination, since it's a very long list already, and will only get longer.
Great. I moved some columns around and released it.
Cool. By the way, I did mention this in another comment somewhere but I think you should split up some of the other pages on the main site, e.g. split Advanced into separate pages for themes, plugins, language etc. And maybe a separate page for user-contributed files.
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great! thanks for creating this directory. btw, my site is shown but link is missing?
Oh - sorry about that. I think this is due to a bug in the Q2A bot and I will look into it over the next few days.