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I search blog plugin for q2a? 

I can buy a plugin and I think that there are other users that although buy this plugin. I see this plugin. But its not normal work.

I want to optimized plugin, editor CKeditor. 

Can be accurately with features optimized but with good design. -> plugin

Q2A version: 1.7-beta-1

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No. Nothing like this is not just here that it only works on version 1.6.3 to version 1.7 can not be used ..
And he is not working properly, or to version 1.6.3 keeps on falling and ma timing error was purchased on my site and it was more like a child deliberations to care of him so I dont know why developers soon as possible plugin finish and then it did not download it tim worse selling unfinished plugin does not do much good reputation developers ... this plugin is only half works perhaps Siro repairs
However, we must add that despite all the mistakes done a good job and it was a good idea to develop this plugin for that I thank him and perhaps in his improvements will continue