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In order to speedup CleanStrap theme and Q2A Ultimate SEO plugin I'm planning to create a Class that can be added to Q2A plugins or advanced themes to offer functions that Q2A developers need to speedup both development process and their codes load time. I have this features in mind, what else do you suggest?

  • function to serialize all plugin/theme options to get all required options with one query and updating option field only at end of script
  • get_meta functions for tags, posts and users to get meta info in one query(while initializing) instead of using Q2A's functions which gets only one meta info with one query
  • query function with caching feature
  • option to let developer add option pages as sub-navigation menu items
  • access to list of modules, even if they are not initialized yet
  • ...

It's my to-do list, any ideas to what else can be added to help you developers?

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