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Hello everyone

When we send private messages it only uses the textbox with no styling, but I need to make some parts of my message in yellow, or bold. Just like the things I can do in wysiwys editor. I checked admin  options but did not find any thing. can you genlemen help me please?


Q2A version: qa 1.67
Q2A does not have feature to send HTML email. So, HTML code of messages are not reflected in the email. Do you want what result by this feature?
No, my problem is not with the email. even the answer to our questions is HTML but q2a remove html tags when sends emails,
What i want is to see HTML private messages inside q2a itself. in q2a you can see the private messages sent to you. I want wysiwyg editor to be there.
Hello again Sama55
I just edited my question and placed an image to show you what i want plz

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1. Install my WYSIWYG Editor for admin OR (CKEditor4CKEditor4 for admin)

2. Hack plugin

In case of WYSIWYG Editor for admin >> qa-plugin/wysiwyg-editor-admin/qa-wysiwyg-editor-admin-layer.php

//if (empty($firstrequest) || $firstrequest != 'admin') return;
if (empty($firstrequest) || ($firstrequest != 'admin' && $firstrequest != 'message')) return;

In case of CKEditor4 for admin >> qa-plugin/ckeditor4-admin/qa-ckeditor4-admin-layer.php

//if($this->template == 'admin') {
if($this->template == 'admin' || $this->template == 'message') {
//if (empty($firstrequest) || $firstrequest != 'admin') return;
if (empty($firstrequest) || ($firstrequest != 'admin' && $firstrequest != 'message')) return;
3. Hack Q2A core

qa-include/qa-page-message.php (around L114)

//$messageid=qa_db_message_create($loginuserid, $toaccount['userid'], $inmessage, '', false);
$messageid=qa_db_message_create($loginuserid, $toaccount['userid'], $inmessage, 'html', false);
4. Caution (Restriction)
This method is a little care must be taken, but will realize your hope. The "* for admin" plugins are feature for administrator. Therefore, CKEditor may include insecure buttons. When you applied to private message, because general users may use, these buttons should be limited. This problem will solved by copying and modifying plugin as "* for pm".
Thank you so so much. This solution works for 1.7 ? Just yesterday I tired WYSIWYG Editor for admin plugin  and i had some issues.
My answer at the present time is for all V1.6.3. Q2A V1.7 is under development, and has not been released yet. Therefore, I have not yet verified the compatibility at all. If you publish Q2A site on the net, I recommend that you do not use V1.7. Of course, the verification on the local environment is OK.
oh! ok Thank you sama:)