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This is customize tips for FlexArmor2 owner. FlexArmor2 owners can change site design without touching PHP.

Procedure by Adobe Color CC (kuler) and PaintStrap:

  1. Access Adobe Color CC:
       > https://color.adobe.com
  2. Search (Make new) your favorite color scheme
  3. Confirm theme-ID of your favorite color scheme
  4. Access PaintStrap
       > http://paintstrap.com/
  5. Step1: Input theme-ID
  6. Step2: Confirm (Tune) color scheme with preview window
  7. Step3: Download CSS files
  8. Extract downloaded file
  9. Replace qa-theme/FlexArmor2/addon/bootswatch/custom/* with downloaded files
       > bootstrap.min.css
       > bootstrap.css
       > variables.less
  10. Log in your site with admin account
  11. Goto "Theme (TAC)" > "General"
  12. Choose "Desgin" option to "custom"
  13. Click "save" button


My favorite color scheme is "FENDI"



Q2A version: 1.6.3

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Wow, this is a great tutorial... :)