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Is it possible to get an information about how many users are online (logged in) right now? I would like to show it in the sidebar...

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It's not easy, since the Q2A database currently only keeps track of when users last did a write action (like voting or posting), not when they last viewed a page.

So you would have to use an advanced theme to keep track of user page requests in a new database table, and then it could also output the results. The function qa_get_logged_in_userid() will be helpful - it returns the id of the currently logged in user, or null if nobody is logged in.

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Thanks for your quick answer!
This works perfect :)    ...at least until retrieving the ID
...now I'll play around and try to retrieve the names...  
give me some days - or better nights...
the idea to add a sidebar, not the quantity but the nickname of users online somebody can help?