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not including the main homepage if u have one, only the QA site.

traffic sources?

how long the site been online?

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According to Google Analytics, my Pokemon Q&A site got 429,757 unique visitors last month, which just under 14k/day.

However there was just a new Pokemon game released so our traffic is much higher than usual. In January it was 2k/day, which I guess a lot of people would still class as good.

The Q&A site has been online one year and two weeks!

Whow. In my country (about 1million internet users) 14k/day is Alot. Did you invest money ?
Great! are you running site on shared hosting or dedicated server?
@Another one: for any single country it is a lot, but the site is pretty much global. About 50% Americans but a lot of visitors from UK, Canada, Australia and many other countries. No money invested apart from the hosting costs and my time.

@ProThoughts: It's a dedicated server but I run one or two much smaller sites on it as well. Shared hosting would never be able to handle those traffic levels. The dedicated server had a big slowdown at our traffic boom.
@DisgruntledGoat Thanks for the update.