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Hello All,

I found this little link which don't do nothing just clicking on same page, how i can remove this link




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Although it is not extremely useful it can be handy in certain situations.

  1. You've clicked in an answer link (eg: http://www.question2answer.org/qa/38212/why-we-have-this-link?show=38213#a38213) which has led you directly to the answer. You liked the answer but you just want to link to the question. Copying the URL from the address bar will copy the link to the answer. So it is handy to have a link to the question somewhere to right click
  2. Supose you've posted a form and now you just want to cleanly refresh the page (eg: You want to see the changes you've performed have actually been applied). Hitting F5 results in that javascript confirmation asking you if you want to resubmit the form. It is good to find a simple link that will load the whole page again without any confirmation rather than resubmitting the previous HTTP request (this issue has been considerable decreased in Q2A as in many POSTs there is a "redirect to self" that basically refreshes the page simlarly to clicking the link)

Additionally, having a big link to the question can be used to easily check for answers/comments/votes from other users without having to look for the small refresh button. This is not the case of the asked button, clearly, but it is the case of the question titles in stackoverflow (eg: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/5922882) which y personally find quite handy.

Answering question:

can u pls give tutorial how ''asked'' text become not clickable ?

Add this function to your qa-include/<your-selected-theme>/qa-theme.php file:

function post_meta_what($post, $class) {
    if (isset($post['what'])) {
        if (@$post['what_your'])
            $classes.=' '.$class.'-what-your';
        if (isset($post['what_url']) && ($this->template !== 'question' || $post['raw']['basetype'] !== 'Q'))
            $this->output('<a href="'.$post['what_url'].'" class="'.$classes.'">'.$post['what'].'</a>');
            $this->output('<span class="'.$classes.'">'.$post['what'].'</span>');
I guess something like that should do it.
can u pls give tutorial how ''asked'' text become not clickable ?

I've just added a possible solution.
Thanks for the tip
Welcome. Anyway, no need to say thanks, that is what upvotes are there for :)