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Hello dear forum administrators and members, I am using mayro pro theme in q2a latest version. I want to make the username links of q2a administrators who are admin, moderator, editor and expert in different colors and fonts. How can I do this.

I know I can do it with in qa-style.css=> a.qa-user-link but it all changes. I want to make admin, moderator, editor and expert ones or members who have reached a certain score. thank you very much in advance.
Q2A version: Q2A 1.8.8

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It was a 'fairly easy' job until you introduced all these other variables...

I want to make admin, moderator, editor and expert ones or members who have reached a certain score

But here's a workaround solution for your problems in the form of plugins, so you won't have to code it yourself.

  1. For users with a certain amount of points, you can add titles on:
    Admin > Users > Scroll to the last section of the page User titles based on points.
  2. Admin Role Markers
    Role markers is a plugin that adds markers for special roles.
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thank you for your answer.

 but this plugin and point-based titles add something extra next to the username, it does not directly change the color of the username link. i want to change the color and font of the username links on the website of the user who is admin or moderator.

this is normal user and username 

but if this is admin or moderator,I want to make like this 

Thank you in advance for your help.

Well I guess you'll have to wait for a kind soul to go and code that for you =)
Because, as I said, "It was a 'fairly easy' job until you introduced those other variables" .
By adding those extra variables, you'll now have to code the PHP part of it as well. Not just CSS.
God sent this kind soul here. I think he is you. :)
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You can insert HTML code in the Title field to format the title text. Formatting the username is more complicated.

Can you give an example
You need to install the plugin "Categories any where".  Then you can create the titles in Admin / Users.  Example of title color:
<font style="color:#ff6347;">Admin</font>