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Not sure wich one to go for, where to wait for qa1.7 or to simply stick to qa1.63? What do you guys think?
Q2A version: qa 1.7

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All existing plugins made for 1.6 should work fine in 1.7.

Similarly, developing anything "for 1.7" should be backwards-compatible - although there are several new functions etc I don't think they are things that would be used in plugins.

I think the biggest change that might affect people is the new "ranking layout" for the Users and Tags pages. It replaces the tables with divs similar to Stack Overflow. By default it's turned off for backwards-compatibility.


Anyway I think the time to look at plugin/theme development will be when the 1.7 beta is released (in the next couple of weeks).
Thank you for the answer. So basically no new hook were added? cuz for 1.6.3 we need hooks which are not there and that's why we sometimes have to do core hacks, we thought whether you wanna add more to give more liberty to developers or not