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EDIT: I have fixed the issue. It was javascript in the navigation bar causing it, so I removed it from the ask page. ( if (qa_request() == 'ask'){Don't display javascript}

I have no idea why this is happening though.


If you want to use free themes, the new SnowFlat theme, included in 1.7 is very good. You might be able to get it to work in 1.6, I haven't tested that.


I am using the Snow Flat theme on the Q2A dev build. Although it was downloaded about a month ago, I have added all the latest commits from the dev tree on github to my code.

When I click Ask a Question, and choose a category, the processing symbol appears (AJAX?), and then the selected category disappears and has to be selected again. I have not modified the qa-page-ask.php file. Happens both on my localhost server and on the live one. Ideally, I need to fix this bug, anyone got any ideas? I will post here if I fix it myself.

Q2A version: 1.7, latest dev build
Hi James,
I personally never witnessed such a behavior from snowFlat but what I did every time was to make a fresh copy! So perhaps you missed out copying some of the files modified etc. My suggestion would be to make a fresh copy of files ( not the db) or
use a software called "beyond compare" to compare the new release with your existing copy to see which files you have to copy.
btw if you wanna use beyondcompare dont download the ver 4.0.0 it is buggy, one release prior to that is fine though. Sorry I could not be of better help

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