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i have problem when user answer to some question then he is able to select his answer to be best answer!

but i dont want this! i want that only other users can set his answer to be the best answer...

how to fix this?

thank you
Q2A version: 1.6.3
This is not quite clear "when user answer to some question". Did you mean "when a user answers HIS/HER OWN question"?
+1 rstergar. I think so too. We can deal in filter plugin so that Scott says, but I think this feature should be in Q2A core.
no i want: if i post answer in some question (it does not matter if is my or not) that i cant select my answer for best answer...because I think that others need to evaluate my answer not me :) thank you!
I've just realized I happened to answer this question here: http://www.question2answer.org/qa/39467

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If you are talking about a user selecting their own answer on *any* question, then you probably have a permissions issue. Go to Admin/Permissions and look at the option "Selecting answer for any question".

But assuming you're talking about a user asking a question, answering their own question and selecting it as the best answer - that's just how the system works. If I ask a question but then I found the answer myself, I should be able to answer.

However, it may be possible to prevent that by writing your own plugin. Try an event plugin and check for the "a_select" event. If the question user and answer user are the same, unselect it.