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Hello all,

Thanks in advance for reading.

How can I make the editor to be aligned RTL - Rigt To Left on default? - I use the editor: CKEditor

Meaning that, when a user ask or answer a question, the editor will put the marker on the right side, and the writing will be from Right To Left and not for Left To Right.

I know I can press Ctrl+Shift, so the writing will be RTL, but how can I make it default?

Thank you!!
Q2A version: 1.6.3

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You did not specify what editor you are using.

In case you are using the sceditor plugin you can activate the option in the admin panel under plugins to RTL:

sceditor q2a


Hey, thanks! I'm using: CKEditor
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Are you using my CKEditor4 plugin?

1) Add one line to "Other configration" in plugin option.


2) Tune qa-pugin/ckeditor4/skins/xxxxx/editor.css
In the case of theme for exclusive use of RTL, this may be unnecessary.

.cke_toolbar {

a.cke_button {

Issue (?):

Cursor position is wrong in my environment.


Thanks for your answer,
I'm using the Q2A plugin: "WYSIWYG Editor v1.1.1".

Tried what you suggested, the problem stills happens. After I submit the answer or question, it looks fine it auto arranged to RTL, but in the editor the cursor is on the left side.

Looked into your link, but didn't provide any other solution, just people that reported on this bug.

Maybe the editor isn't updated? what version of CKEditor does Q2A provide?
And if it's not updated, how can I update it manually?

thanks again!