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I have reCaptcha enabled on my site as well as the user needing to confirm their email to post.  However, I'm still seeing "spam" emails signing up and some of the emails are even confirmed.  I checked these "spam" emails and they are all fake so I don't know how they are getting listed as "confirmed" in Q2A.

These "spam" bots still seem to be finding a way to get around the reCaptcha and also marking their accounts as "confirmed" by using a fake/bad email address.

Is anyone else having this issue?

Thank you!
I've been experiencing a similar problem and I've posted a related question here: http://www.question2answer.org/qa/36954/there-prevent-account-certain-values-block-human-spammers
Your spammers aren't using the Full Name "info@wolframalpha" are they? That's what my spammers are all writing in the Full Name box and using different emails and IPs each time they register. They also fill in other BS answers to fields like Company and Job Title.
We're having the same problem even with ReCaptcha enabled. I suspect we'll need to come up with a new module for some more advanced anti-spam protection.
I still have this issue.  There are no spam questions being posted but I have over 5 pages of spam registered users that still get passed the ReCaptcha or maybe there is an exploit in Q2A that lets spam bots get around this easily.

Are there any updates on Q2A to make it more secure and fix this exploit?
I am also a victim of this spamming problem:  There is a spammer who is filling up my database with fake account registration. I managed to block his IPs but he would use a different IP to register again.

Now he is using IPs from - host-152-44-101-200.static.sprious.com

Can anyone help me block him?

He is creating tones of accounts at https://adunaschool.org/studentsquestions-answers

He did the same when the site was at https://adunaschool.org/apps/qna
. There he registered over 4500 accounts so I removed everything from that folder to the new location. Yet, he is repeating the same thing. I guess he is not using a bot because I have set up recapture and email confirmation.

I wish that the Q2A team rectify this problem as soon as possible.
@blackfynn Recaptcha can only be input by a human being (this should be true for at least 99.99% of the attempts). So, how can you prevent a human being from registering? Please, explain in detail your solution.

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