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I have seen references to creating admins, moderators, editors etc. I have also seen reference to banning IPs etc. Is the current version of Q&A capable of doing this, or is this for a future release? If it is currently part of the release, how do I access the above items for set up?


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These features are included in the actual release !

 Blocking Users / IP´s :

either in admin / spam menue


when logged in as admin by clicking the usersname and block him / his ip


Creating admins, moderators...:

when logged in as admin by clicking users name and editing the user type through a drop down field.

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Ah! Thank you. I guess I should explore more before I ask ;-)  I was expecting to see a link in the admin section... Thanks!
There is al ink in the admin section: check admin/spam and admin/hidden.
Regards and welcome !