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Due to limitations in my server I can maximum send only 8 emails per minutes. However, if I set the "Maximum mailing  rate:" to a value less than 10 it won't send any email at all? (it just freezes there with message Mailing completed for 0 of n users)  What can I do? Please help

If I set it back to a value 10 or more it works but not less than 10 that I need!!!

in /admin/mailing:


Q2A version: 1.6.3

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Ok got the answer

in the file qa-include/qa-app-maling.php there is a line which reads

$lasttime=max($lasttime, $thistime-6); // ... don't do more than 6 seconds' worth

which means it doesn not wait more than 6 sec interval ( 10 emails per minute)

change 6 to a higher number, say 10!

$lasttime=max($lasttime, $thistime-10); // ... don't do more than 6 seconds' worth