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Wondering if anyone can help with my issue?

New registered user can not receive email.

When I test sending email from admin page, the email can be sent.

And password reset function, only default admin account/email can receive the reset link, all other users can not receive email. (Email reset page shows that reset link was successfully sent).

Email me when there is new answer function also not working, encounter the same issue with above mentioned user.(only admin account can receive email when there is new answer of the question admin raised, but other user does not receive any email)

when checking error log, there is no error message as there were no error appeared on the webpage.

Really confused...

Thank you experts in advance.
Q2A version: 1.8.4
Are emails going to spam?
I think problem is kinda solved.
I tried 5 different email provider account,
3 received email properly.
1 in junk box
1 can not receive anything.
I guess it's receiver end issue.
But thanks anyway
Well it is not entirely a receiver issue. You can see the spam score of the emails send from your SMTP server. If you google, you can get certain steps to make your emails more authentic and hence Google shouldnt sent it to Spam.

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