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Hi everyone,

I have created a new Q2A website and heavily modified some of the theme code and CSS to make it look good on both desktop and mobile.

Before the site goes live (marketed and advertised) I was hoping to get some feedback from you regarding any issues with my theme or potentially missing plugins.


Let me know what you think!

Q2A version: 1.6.3

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  • I like the minimal approach.
  • The colors you have chosen are not often to find on websites. Good recogintion effect.
  • personally, I would go for icons for votings - on question list at least
  • for the tags page, remove the borders around each tag, currently you have double borders
  • ask page: make input fields and editor full width
  • ask page: style the ask button
  • Read me in main navigation? ... better in footer

Footer: "Designed by QA-Themes.com" - I thought you did it?


Check out my new designed site at http://www.klaustukai.lt/ to get some more inspirations. Or get the premium theme at http://www.q2apro.com/themes/