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As far as I know there is not such a plugin.

But there is a similar plugin that implements a xml-rpc protocol

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We have 0.1 (laughing version) REST JSON API available at Github. It's pretty simple and just READ capable. https://github.com/kyyberi/avoindata-net/tree/master/API . That API is in use for avoindata.net q2A service.

Github repo contains also some examples howto use it https://github.com/kyyberi/avoindata-net/tree/master/examples

API Documentation is unfortunately only in Finnish, but you might have some luck with Google translator http://avoindata.net/dashboard/api/v1/

API has a live  console as well, but again in Finnish http://avoindata.net/dashboard/api/v1/console/
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Splendid challenge!! I always suggested that we should equip API to new version from old days, but was not come true at all. Will there be the plan to add feature in future?

1) Management capability of the "API key" which other API have
2) Traffic (request) restraint feature based on API key
3) Remake API as plugin
4) Do you make real client application? e.g. Mobile application, Desktop application, Mountable widget etc...

In addition, I watched your code. And I found some hard coded constants. I want you to re-define these as "const" with one file.

Thanks for the inspiring feedback. Unfortunately I don't currently have time to work on this. Since it's open source, it's there for anyone to use/learn/develop.
How to I use It?