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I couldn´t figure out how to make the avatar show up on the question lists as well, for some reason just copying the post avatar function call does not help.

Any easy solution?

All the features of the new version seem to work very well.

Thank You again.

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It's not such an easy solution, but if this is a popular request, I can add it to the 1.3 release. I just thought they would make the listing pages too busy?
There was positive reaction on the pictures i had posted and so I wanted to build at least one alternative theme having the avatars on the lists. On the questionpage i think i can move it through php-theme and css but the solution for the lists i could not find.
At least I would be very happy about this feature. As well it would offer a wide range of possibilities how to design the q&a sites.
However, out of my view it would be a great feature.

Each user could decide what he wants to show, avatar, answer count, voting through css, theme.php or options.

Thank You in any case and thank You for the older tip with the subdomain directed to the same webspace for a second css file, this solved a big problem with a multilingual site for me where I couldnt find a solution a long time.
gidgreen do it in 1.3 release рlease.
OK, this will be in the version 1.3 release.
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Thank You so much, i hope I can provide a theme with more weight on the avatars !


When implementing it could You please take in mind that one could call the avatars as well easily for "popular users" , "who is online" , "new members" or similar future/custom features ? The popular users feature already was explained by You, but now with avatars it would look much better.

Thank You so much, monk333