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I will be setting aside some time in a few weeks to work on Q2A some more. The few changes I already made will be part of 1.7 (instead of 1.6.4) as there is a change in the mimimum PHP version requirement (now 5.1.6).

So as with previous threads, please post the top features you wish to see in Question2Answer!

I do have a few ideas already planned, so there is no need to suggest these, unless you have a particular comment on them:

  • Switch to mysqli (already done).
  • Speed up loading of questions with many answers/comments.
  • Upgrade to latest CKeditor (v4.3).
  • Make default theme responsive (I believe Jatin will be working on this).
  • More flexible custom HTML areas (e.g. something similar to my Widget Anywhere plugin).

Thanks in advance for the feedback!

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I want QandA to be avaivable for godaddy shared hosting.
To complete the list:
8. Feature Request: META description for custom pages http://www.question2answer.org/qa/35237/feature-request-meta-description-for-custom-pages
9. Make "Delete" Post procedure clear to all users - using the tooltip http://www.question2answer.org/qa/35259/make-delete-post-procedure-clear-all-users-using-the-tooltip
10. Implement the open source plugin on-site-notifications http://www.question2answer.org/qa/33712/free-plugin-notifications-facebook-stackoverflow-testing
11. Adding a date field to qa_uservotes http://www.question2answer.org/qa/35295/adding-a-date-field-to-qa_uservotes
@Juli Fier

Did you mean provided by GoDaddy or just usable period.  I am using GD as my hosting provider and it works great.
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# little contribution. I have been searching for the language php files that contain the language but couldn't find them.
# The script is hardest and badest writing to understand. I was wondering if I can use this script for other purpose other than question and answers. I wanted to use it  for classified Ads site. just to change the languages. Any help on this?
# Also recent topic is not a good ideal for someone who has opposite categories.
Example Like math category, english category,  physics category.
And someone who is only interested in math category the home will be mess. As he will be seeing threads on recent topic that does not warrant the attention and it might it might not be topic he really don't want to see.  There for while not including subscribe to categories that should be on recent topic.
I have seen a forum that has this on user profile to select and mark from with check box.
This subscribe category will be on recent topic.
# again a more mobile friendly and easy rich test editor area, as it is currently its not good.
Invite web crawling that scan user email address book and send friend request. Hey your friend is on xxx.com you might want to try it out. Just like linkedin.
# Statistics for total guest and user currently online and their current location. Total number of user visit for each day in a data base static view in form of calendar,  mention of user id. And there user will get notifications that his name has been mention.
# sticky. Sticky of topics
# announcement, admin global and category announcement
# 'New' in hyperlink at the end on each topic to take you down to the new post of the topic since you last visited the topic.
# Simple image attach.

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1. Ability to add a base CDN URL

2. Geo sniffing question feature which can be set to a country and manually corrected by the user. This then gives Q2A another level of utiiity where you have 'what +where' or 'where' questions (particularly for SEO).

e.g: 'Legal in London' would be a child of category 'Legal'

3. iPhone and Android app's with deep linking feature


4. Ability to have 'nonindex' meta directives on questions with no answers (so sites don't run into trouble with Google's Panda algorithim and 'thin content'). noindex tag pages etc... (more flexibility with meta robots directives such as 'only allow index of results pages with x questions).

5. Hyperlink the activity count scores in sidebar - I keep seeing fumble with the UI and try and click those numbers thinking they are links.

6. Use of schema.org (e.g: http://schema.org/Question)

7. Use of rel=”next” and rel=”prev” http://googlewebmastercentral.blogspot.co.uk/2011/09/pagination-with-relnext-and-relprev.html

Lot's more but would love to see these and happily pay for premium versions.
#3: What exactly would be the advantage? We will be implementing a responsive design in the near future so Q2A can work fine on mobile.

#4: This can be done in a custom theme. Override the head_metas function, check $this->template for 'question', then check count($this->content['a_list']['as']).

#6: Interesting, that seems to be new. I'll check into it.

#7: These are already used.
#3 responsive design isn't an app. App's have much greater stickiness (sitting on a users smartphone) and usage.
#4,#5,#6,#7 Thank you - great.

Finally, sorry... The FB connect plugin seems to occasionally cause issues with site responsiveness (particularly with registering and posting questions). At least I think it's that plugin that is the culprit.

Many thanks.
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I get a lot of complaints about the search feature, this is my only mayor showstopper for Q2A usability with a lot of content.

  • search for exact match
  • Smarter search result ordering (seems unlogic too frequently)
  • search within selected categories

See also similar requests like:



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  • qa_contentwords
  • qa_tagwords
  • qa_titlewords
  • qa_words
  • qa_sharedevents


Implement FULL TEXT SEARCH en fields Title, Category or Tags from table Posts.

This reduce databaze size in 70% and speed perfomance in very OK.

IMPORTANT if your site have 300.000 or more posts.


Visit my site>:   HTTP://www.elteacher.info

Do you have any evidence that full text search is (a) equally as fast and (b) does not take up as much space? Seems like the index on thousands of large text fields would end up pretty big.
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1. Popular categories widget Side Bar İn Category page

2. Categories featured or sticky question for category

3. Anonoymus Vote Questions

4. In Main Page (root page) Popular Categories questions blocks

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Ability to ask specific users (Who have answered questions on the same topic/category previously). And this can be done free or as seen in this picture that more points are required if the user (Whom the question is to be asked) is more expert on the topic.

Good idea! I'm all for giving more features for using points. It's a pity this was downvoted.
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Ability to access full menu structure (not just current menu sub items) and nest sub menu UL inside parent LI as with a lot of other systems (e.g. wordpress)
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Facebook share button :)
Pretty sure there are plugins for this already :)
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Personal message
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  1. username urls like twitter and facebook
    how does twitter and facebook etc. make unique url eg. twitter.com/billgates
  2. advanced user search 

any chance ?


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What I'd like to see is the ability to relate a question to another one by ID. Imagine, I ask a question and later find that a very similar question already exists and has an answer, that I would accept. This quickly can become convoluted, but a simple link yould be a good start. Actually, it is very similar to "mark as duplicate", which is also missing, isn't it?
it's already added. close the question and mark it as duplicate. then enter duplicate content's id or url.
Nice idea, but I think this is more suited to a plugin.

(Note that you can already close as duplicate and ask related question, both of which 'link' questions.)
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Add option to admin panel to select WWW.site.com  or  Not-WWW.site.com. There is many users who ask about how to do that
This is something that should be handled at the server-level, not application- (Q2A) level. Can be done with htaccess easily.
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User based permissions:

example non resiger: can post but go to moderation

register user: specific permissons like new user registered post go for moderation etc.

non  register user should fill name and email and it will auto register the user.

categories permissions: like only register user can post in this category.

post can be moderated from specified categories.

home page: categories excluded to show on home page(recent question and answers)
I suggest all questions could be divided into different catergories, such as art, entertainment, sports, life, music or science and so on. If so, I could find the answers what I want.