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Instead of showing questions with no answers, it would be more useful to show questions with no upvoted answers, like Stack Overflow. If someone posts a bad answer the question may get left alone and they may not get a good answer then.

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I hear you, but it would require quite a significant code change. Perhaps this will be an option for the version after this one...
OK I understand. Hopefully it will make it into a future version. BTW what's with the red "5K!" thing?
Any updates about this ? It's very annoying that questions with bad answers just gets forgotten.
Yeah, agree. I don't understand exactly why this would require a significant change. Can't you simply keep track of whether a question has upvoted answers, in the same way you track the number of answers a question has?
+1 from meee
When I said "significant code change", I meant it requires changes to the core in quite a few places, i.e. not something I can explain how to do in a few lines of code manually applied to the Q2A core. It seems like this is a popular request, so when I put up the usual question about Q2A 1.5, make sure to mention it.