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Do  you like question2answer.org? Really? How much?

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Yes I like this script a lot , this is the first stackoverflow clone (hope that I don't offend anyone ) which looks very different . I like it  even that it  looks that it doesnt have as much as options as Stackoverflow and as many other clones which has even the same badges , I see a lot of work here and very good documentation. I didn't install it yet so maybe somebody who did has a different  opinion .
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I liked this software very much. it is fast and php based + its FREE!

it has all the features which needs for Q&A site and Gideon is adding more feature and making it robust.

Documentation is good and installation is very easy process.

I feel this will be popular like Wordpress!
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it's still a bit rough around the edge, but i'm impressed by the quality of the php code and the overal architecture. Especially that this is a one-man project, i envy this guy's coding pace :)
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I agree with ProThoughts, it's about time someone developed and will continue to update a stackoverflow type website. The next thing to do is for question2answer.org to help promote solid structured websites that use the q2a software so that they can get their name out there and hopefully be as big as WordPress is. My website http://www.askagamer.net has so much potential to be a gamers haven for questions that need answering, I also created http://www.helpoverflow.com which will be similar to stackoverflow but different in the fact that I will not limit you to asking only certain questions. On HelpOverflow you are governed by the community and not restricted to a specific topic like superuser.com and stackoverflow.com is setup.

Anyways, great question2answer.org website keep up the updates and let us know if we can help promote your website.
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I love this software very much! Fantastic. I was searching one in php + mysql. And got this! Awesome.. And its question answer site gives answer to almost all questions we have. Very easy to install and use..
Im using this for my site..

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After an extensive search, I could find only three php based, open source, specialized, Q&A scripts for Apache web server using MySQL:
1. Qanda: http://www.qandasystem.com/
2. Qwench: http://github.com/anantgarg/Qwench
3. Question2Answer

A comparison of the three scripts shows that:
a) Q2A has more features than the rest two
b) Q2A is most actively developed among the three- compare the release dates and the date of last commit!
c) Q2A has the best support system, if you need support, post it here, and you get an answer, mostly within a day.

As on date, Q2A is THE best in class! That is why I chose this script to my site.

I simply love Q2A and I am a fan of gidgreen!
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I'm a fan of Q2A. This very good open-source project. Good documentation and support. Because I can get an answer very quickly. I am ready help to project.

Good luck, gidgreen!