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Currently, a spam wave is going on. Quite a lot of spammers have registered. They don't post, but having their user names listed on the Users page is annoying. I want to clean up the list of users with (almost) one single click. The current procedures take a dozen of clicks per user and every time I have to wait for the pages to load. Deleting one single user can take up to 5 minutes. If I have to delete 100 users, which I expect to be doing anytime soon, I'll need a full-time working day to clean up the web site.

I want to get a list of all users on one single page. I want a check box in front of each user name.After clicking the checkboxes, I want to click a delete button. After i click, I should be asked if I really want to delete just once. The users should be deleted immediately after I approve the dialog box without any further ado.

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See here: http://www.question2answer.org/qa/27700/how-to-safely-delete-many-users-from-the-database

You can find their userids in the database then put them in the SQL query shown there.