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I'm having a problem with the MayroPro theme. The avatar image is displayed much too large in the question list. I have set the avatar size for questions to 40 px, but it is still displayed with a size of 700 px. How can I make the image smaller?

Greetings Matthi

It's hard to say what exactly is causing this behavior, or should I say, give you an accurate answer to your problem, without seeing a live link. But it's most likely to be a CSS related thing. Because we can see in the print that the image size is properly set to 40.
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I tried to adjust the avatar size in the CSS (.qa-avatar-image), but unfortunately this is not the right solution. Here is the page link: https://gefragt.net/demo

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You're adding inline CSS somewhere on your DOM that's overwriting the original " position:absolute; " property from the theme.

.qa-q-item-avatar, .qa-q-view-avatar, .qa-a-item-avatar, .qa-c-item-avatar {
    position: relative;

If you inspect element and disable that property temporarily, you'll see that the image will properly fit for the 40px as defined.