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It's only me having this behaviour ?

Q2A version: 1.6.2
I am also unable to do so.. in any browser
I'm using Google Chrome Version 31.0.1650.57 m on Windows xp sp3
The issue is systematic....
With Firefox 25.0.1 I do not have the issue too
On a fresh 1.6.2 installation local to my pc I do not have the issue

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I watched this phenomenon several times, too. I think that CSS below is doubt. Front DIV is block and float, but only here is inline.

qa-theme/Snow/qa-styles.css (around L352 case V1.6.2)

.qa-nav-user-list {
  display:inline; /* <=== */

I'm sorry if wrong.

It has already float: left property so that's not gonna effect much. This is something different issue need to check. It is being difficult since not getting it in any browser..
> It has already float
Really? I do not understand it exactly, too. However, firebug is showing the possibility that this block (<UL> ... </UL>) is not displayed definitely. The warning disappears when I change from "display:inline;" to "float:left".