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I have a correctly registered user who choosed a very ofensive name. He is blocked but still shows up in the user list.

How can I delete him ? Did I miss something ?

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Can't you just rename the user? If you can't do it through the admin section, you can do it in the database without messing anything up. In the `qa_users` table, edit the `handle` field.

The alternative is to delete that row from the user table - all that will happen is any questions/answers they posted will show up as "by anonymous".

Update: you can now delete users through the admin interface. Just go to the profile and click "Delete user".

It would be nice if there is a feature to delete user from admin panel or through plugins.
Wouldn't something happen with the 'Users' page too? I think there'd be empty spaces.
@Onurb no, there wouldn't.
Well yeah if you delete the user through the admin interface, no - but when you delete a row, there's an empty space and a MySQL error.
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Can't you delete the user entry from MYSQL database? I have done it on my site.
Thank You for the hint, i thought i missed an option somewhere. But the related questions and so on, do i have to delete something else ?