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I know more options for this are coming in a future version, but I'm wondering if it's possible to delete a user from the database?

I could delete from the qa_users table but I'm guessing the user ID is linked from other places like answers and so on. What's the best way to completely delete a user?

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You should be safe to delete a user from the qa_users table. Where user IDs are referenced in other tables, Q2A uses foreign keys to do the right thing, either deleting a row or making a value NULL. Posts by a deleted user will become anonymous. The one exception is you might have to recalculate the user points, using the button in the 'Admin' -> 'Statistics' panel.
Thanks, I ended up deleting everything from the user in the `qa_posts` table too.
where do i find this "qa_users table" ?.please
I found it "phpMyAdmin Access" this the baby.
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I have done this and like gidgreen says it will just make everything from that user anonymous.