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With current version (1.6.2) the admin can only remove the avatar.

But would it not be better that the admin can upload another one for the user?

Question is about the role of the admin. And I guess "admin" means "in control of everything"...
Q2A version: 1.6.2
This will surely be important, especially if  the  user uploads an inappropriate image.
The image can be removed already now. This is built-in. But I would like to see an option to replace the image.
Has anyone go a solution for this? It's a fairly key piece of functionality when managing users.


Nope, not yet. I am running regularly in the situation where I have to replace the avatar. This always needs phpmyadmin and a lot of time...

PS: Please comment and don't answer on this issue. If you write a comment as an answer, others might think the issue is solved.

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