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I have a Q2A site but suddenly spam started coming! Some Essay writing service started spamming me. I deleted those users and blocked their IP addresses. Still, they register with new IP's.But now a new problem has arrived, one of the spammers is spamming by posting anonymous  questions and I already had set "only registered users can post a question". But somehow they managed to post it as anonymous also I am not able to delete their question after hiding it.

You can see I can only reshow that question ^ .

Q2A version: 1.7.4

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Regarding not being able to delete posts. In short, Q2A will not allow you to delete posts that have children posts. E.G.: you wont be able to delete a question that has comments or answers and you won't be able to delete answers that have posts. So first you'll have to delete all children and then you should be able to delete the post itself. Ami has written a plugin to overcome this limitation that would allow you to delete all posts and their children. I've never tested it but I guess it works fine: https://github.com/amiyasahu/q2a-delete-hidden-posts

Regarding anonymous users posting questions, answers and comments. I think no "only registered users can post a question" setting exists. You can configure this in the admin/permissions section of the site. The options are called "Asking questions", "Answering questions" and "Adding comments". Just make sure to set them to "Registered users with email confirmed". Alternatively, you can set it to "Registered & email confirmed & enough points". That way they will have to play with the site for a while before posting (e.g.: casting votes) which will make the process harder for spammers and hopefully they will give up.

Thanks for answering. I set permission to only Registered users but I am not understanding How those spammers posted that question as Annonymous because I only registered users can only ask a question on my site.
Maybe on Sep 1 that setting had been disabled.

BTW, I shouldn't even be considering the possibility for a user with the handle/username "anonymous" to be posting those questions, right? :)
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Nope, it is not handle anonymous, it is an anonymous user itself!
May be first he was registered then deactivated his/her account...