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I am using Gideon's lovely software for nearly 2 years and I always wondered who is using the "Wiki" at http://wiki.question2answer.org/ ... I never did.

Correct me but most of the content (see http://wiki.question2answer.org/doku.php/?do=index ) can be found in the q2a main page http://www.question2answer.org/ or?

The q2a forum has become a knowledge base for me as well as the main page and plugins.

However, today I have seen that there is valuable information burried *only* in the wiki, e.g. the keys of $qa-content. http://wiki.question2answer.org/doku.php/development/qa-content

My suggestion: Get this content to the surface, put it in the main page. Merge it.


PS: Actually this is not that important, just a tiny issue to make q2a more clear to others who come here the first time as I did 2 years ago ;)

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