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I just realized now, having some latex parser on my site, that editing a comment does not scroll to the commnt but to the answer, e.g. clicking edit gives. /46773/test?state=edit-51683&show=46773#q46773

which scrolls to the question #q46773, and not to the edit window of the comment 51683.

The link should be without the anchor #q46773: /46773/test?state=edit-51683&show=46773


I am not sure if somebody can confirm this. =) But I have this issue on my site...


Problem is that in qa-page-question-post.php I have not found yet the line where I can do changes, so that the anchor is not set...

Q2A version: 1.5.4

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Okay, I have found one solution:


change line:
qa_page_q_refresh($pagestart, 'edit-'.$commentid, $commentparenttype, $comment['parentid']);

qa_page_q_refresh($pagestart, 'edit-'.$commentid, $commentparenttype, null);

This seems to work.