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How do I show the "Add question"  the first top menu? and How do I remove "users" top menu?

Q2A version: 1.6.2

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Method not to change program:

  1. "Admin" > "pages"
  2. Check OFF all upper checkbox
  3. Add necessary link by "Add Link" from top

When you add links, it works definitely if you appoint original URL.

  • Position: Your preference
  • Visible for: Your preference
  • URL of link: Original URL (absolute or relative to Q2A root)

In addition, if you know PHP coding, you can also change the menu order on qa-theme.php of your theme.

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There are two ways to change the order.

First Method:

This method don't need any programing skill

1. Remove all navigation items from Admin > Pages and uncheck all pages checkboxes. This will remove all links (if you don't have any additional link or page)

2. Now go down to the page and find Add Link -  click on that it will ask to add

  • Text of Link: Here you can set the Menu label
  • Position: You can select the position you want
  • Visibility: To the user you allow to see the menu
  • URL of Link: Here you add the URL of the page


Lets say you wan to move Ask a Question at the first than 

So for this just copy all pages url before you remove from the menu and use it as I mention above

Second Method

This will required some programing skill or at lest know how to modify the code

You can follow NoahY's technique to modify your Menu without removing pages or adding new links


Get code from above link and add to your theme's qa-theme.php file