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When a registered user posts a question/comment/answer, it will automaticlly approved. Editing the same: There is no moderation. But when a user hides his own question/comment/answer and then want to reshown it, this had to be approved by an admin.

Can someone tell me the sense for this or is this a bug?


Q2A version: 1.6.2

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I am getting this too. I thought it was a problem with my custom filters but if I remove the filters it still happens. So I'm sure it's a bug.

To clarify the problem: a user is able to post a question perfectly fine with no moderation, but when they hide and reshow it gets sent for moderation. This should not happen, as the user did not need moderation in the first place.

Edit: ran a var_dump in my filter_question function. The variable $question['queued'] is showing as an array when reshowing a quesion, not as true or false. Could that be the issue? I guess it should be false by default, allowing my filter_question function to set that to true just like i do for new questions.

Edit2: just found that even setting $question['queued'] to false explicity (when reshowing a question) still puts it in the moderation queue.

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I think this is a bug in qa-page-question-submit.php which applies to answers and comments as well.

Please try replacing each instance of:


... with ...


And let me know if that solves the problem.

Seems to work! When this change courses no other problems, you are my god! :)
Yes, this works for me, too!