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I have set up my Q2A before Wordpress web site. And i deleted all user in Q2A site(by admin account). All post be come to visitor posts. Then, i set define('QA_WORDPRESS_INTEGRATE_PATH', '../'); for Q2A site. I try registration an account in wordpress site, after login it, i go to Q2A site. User is login two site, but my new account not show in users page and can not post or do anything in Q2A site. Below is a picture for my post answer error.

How to fix it? Please help me. Thank you so much,

Sorry my English

Q2A version: 1.5.4
Maybe a stupid question, but what's the userid of your admin account?
Sr, I'm not a programmer. But if that is a stupid question, please take for me a solution. Thank you so much. My admin accout is deleted.
No haha I was talking about my own question, not yours! If there is no user with the userid '22' then it appears normal that there is a constraint fail, no?
Thanks for reply, i understand you. So, that user id has exist in data, or it is not delete yes. That is why my error is appears :D
Yes - if the user does not exist in the database, this error might occur!

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