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Hello sir,

Kindly please help me in Wordpress integration,, My Problem is 

I have a QA site on main domain root and created a qa database 

while the blog is on www.mydomain.com/blog I am creating it  Now

I have read this 


kindly just tell me the path changes according to my situation,

Great Thanks !


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According to what you mentioned your QA site is on www.mydomain.com

and wordpress site is on www.mydomain.com/blog

So you have to follow the same stpes what mentioned in docs.. However make sure WordPress should installed first than Q2A

So install Wordpress and than setup wordpress path in qa-config.php as below

define('QA_WORDPRESS_INTEGRATE_PATH', '/blog'); //this path is important /blog you may need to check your path if it doesn't work

And set database name, userid and password (it should be WordPress db)

Firsly Thank you very much for answer
Problem is I already set up a database for QA and the site is running for 7 months
Now I am adding a blog, Is there anyway I can attach wp to qa database?