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i installed my Q2A and integrated it with my DB, btu when i click the vote i get the error: Unexpected response from server - please try again.

i tried removing other js files that can cause a conflicts but i stil get the same error...
Please post the URL so I can take a look.
i actually cant show it because is under protected IP, but i can tell that i tried installing the regular stan-alone version and it works perfectly. on the other hand i installed another version integrated with my DB, and i have ot say i modified some rules in theme.php in order to include header&footer of the mothership site...so I think it might be an error due to conflicts or due to some functions that i deleted by mistake... what the vote function is supposed to do? i think i can rewrite it in js+jquery if i knew what it does

may be you should look at license, Q2A can not be installed on protected network.
i'm just testing in it my private server smarty pants

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Based on your comment above, your theme file is outputting some stuff that is not appropriate for the AJAX vote response. Please look at the documentation on advanced HTML themes in the Q2A site for guidance on how to modify the HTML that is output.
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Voting works in Firefox not IE
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i found that if you are using nginx then it will surely an issue with rewrite rules as .htaccess does not work for nginx.


The above link was very useful for me to fix the problems on my local installation.

All i added was : index.php as given below, otherwise nginx.conf will just have index index.html index.htm;

Hope it helps you.

location / {

            root   faqs;

            index  index.php index.html index.htm;