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I have a feature request for Question2Answer,

Please Separate Admin and User Themes.

As everyone is installing some custom made theme or he customizes it themself. So any change we make in theme also effect the admin area itself.

Another reason is that we want light and clean theme for users so they can load faster, but on Admin side we want a consistant UI, as admin can wait longer than users.
I think this is an AWESOME idea. I just spent a lot of time customising my front end with my own template (quite easy to do using Google Chrome's developer tools to identify what CSS code to change) but was a little sad when I looked at the Admin area afterwards. All of the colours are no longer displaying correctly as it appears to be taking only some of the elements from the new template and the rest display as they did before. This causes a lot of headache especially as I used a dark theme for my front end. Some of the buttons and text in the Admin area are no longer visible as I have used light colours for the text.
I retract my comment. After the CSS refreshed on the admin side of things - my admin area now looks great. I worked to find a good balance of what looked good for my Q2A site and what was fully accessible through my admin area.

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