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Below is my error that I get, requesting the site works the first time, the second time returns this error and then the 3rd one works again:

Question2Answer query failed:

LOCK TABLES qa_blobs WRITE, qa_cache WRITE, qa_categories WRITE, qa_categorymetas WRITE, qa_contentwords WRITE, qa_cookies WRITE, qa_iplimits WRITE, qa_mamlmconfirm WRITE, qa_messages WRITE, qa_options WRITE, qa_pages WRITE, qa_postmeta WRITE, qa_postmetas WRITE, qa_posts WRITE, qa_posttags WRITE, qa_sharedevents WRITE, qa_tagmetas WRITE, qa_tagwords WRITE, qa_titlewords WRITE, qa_userevents WRITE, qa_userfavorites WRITE, qa_userfields WRITE, qa_userlimits WRITE, qa_userlogins WRITE, qa_usermetas WRITE, qa_usernotices WRITE, qa_userpoints WRITE, qa_userprofile WRITE, qa_users WRITE, qa_uservotes WRITE, qa_widgets WRITE, qa_words WRITE

Error 1146: Table 'xxx.qa_mamlmconfirm' doesn't exist

Do you have any idea what this qa_mamlmconfirm table is from?
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No I do not know, but by the looks of table structure and data it is for subscribing to MailChimp.  The table do exists and as I've mentioned this only happens every second request.

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Thanks, I've removed the table and now its working fine. It was a table for a mailing list manager.
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I had to remove the qa_mamlmConfirm.* files from "/var/lib/mysql/mydatabase" folder

mv qa_mamlmConfirm.* /tmp

And it was fine