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I had a look through the plugin list on the site and didn't see anything. I'm looking for something where instead of sending emails about everything (e.g. private messages, wall posts), instead it tells you next time you're on the site. Perhaps incorporating general replies too. I posted this on the 1.6 suggestion thread, it's what it could look like:


If nothing exists, then I will likely start making one!

Q2A version: 1.6.1
The example your present is just what I'd be looking for, so this would be cool!
Me too, please start!

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I developed it (It is not free). Notification feature of private message and wall post have been already included in V1.0. This plugin has already operated stably in our site. I'm developing V1.1 now.


How to i even install this . i always get this error messge

' Please wait for your account to be approved or add more information. '
@anilbhat, you have to add your full bio, say who you are, where you work at, your live Q2A site, even if you donĀ“t have one and are working locally. Maybe your address and some more intimate info. Then you will need to still wait to see what happens to your profile, maybe its approved, maybe not.

Then when you see that nothing happens, go to the contact form to contact the author and ask him what is going on, that you only want to see the actual product and know the price to decide if its what you are looking for. Remember to logout from your unapproved account first, because registered users cant use the contact form, just anonymous ones.

After that keep dealing with the please add more information and demonstrate everything is real to see if you get approved.

By the way, if you will get into everything and get approved, please share the price and the way it works, maybe that way other users gets interested and goes through all the process. At least knowing the price...

Hope it helps.
I don't understand any of this - it's just a plugin ; why is it so difficult to get a hold of it, even if it is paid?
No matter what i try i always get 'Please wait for your account to be approved or add more information.'

I dont get this either . I am not sure if i should develop this on my own or i need to buy. It seems so hard to get hold of this .