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Change Log 1.2

  • Fixed conditional bug (thanks to sama55)
  • Removed checkbox for Custom
  • Hide sidebar on defined custom pages (new)


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n how to hide sidebar on profile user ?

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Is the plugin compatible with  "Coustom content in home page instead of Q&A" function? 
The admin panel - the Layout tab
I have enabled the option - coustom content in home page instead of Q & A
In the previous version (1.1) This page (coustom content in home page instead of the Q & A) acted like other custom pages. Sidebar was enabled by default. It could be off together, and the other sub-pages created by the user.
In the current version (1.2) page (coustom content in home page instead of the Q & A) works differently. On this page (coustom content in home page instead of the Q & A) there are currently no sidebar. Although the sidebar is enabled by default for all pages Q2a.
"Coustom content in home page instead of Q&A"
sidebar is hidden and I can not turn it on.
The main problem ended. Hide Sidebar works properly with Custom Home Content.

With interesting ... This feature does not work for pages positioned per party to USER, like: user / wall, user / actiwity, user / questions, user / answers, so for all USER / 'user_name' / *, but this is not a tragedy.

As if you need a tester other plug-ins ... :)
So the question from my side is does this plugin works perfectly for Custom home content and other pages? What you are saying may be for feature version. Currently was working on Custom home page
Last version Hide Sidebar 1.2 works properly.
Okay cool.... thanks for the confirmation and help to debug.