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When i try to advance install the Question2Answer ,i get the following error below .I get this error when i try to configure the database to my existing mySQL database

"Question2Answer was unable to perform the installation query below. Please check the user in the config file has CREATE and ALTER permissions:

CREATE TABLE qa_titlewords (postid INT UNSIGNED NOT NULL, wordid INT UNSIGNED NOT NULL, KEY postid (postid), KEY wordid (wordid), CONSTRAINT qa_titlewords_ibfk_1 FOREIGN KEY (postid) REFERENCES qa_posts(postid) ON DELETE CASCADE, CONSTRAINT qa_titlewords_ibfk_2 FOREIGN KEY (wordid) REFERENCES qa_words(wordid)) ENGINE=InnoDB CHARSET=utf8

Error 1005: Can't create table 'TestSchema.qa_titlewords' (errno: 150)"

Please Help
I have all the permissions required for creating/updating/deleting the database

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This is probably an issue with foreign keys when creating the table. Please try running this query manually (after logging in to MySQL using the username and password you created), then type:

show innodb status;

And report back what it says under "Latest foreign key error'.