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OK, one can tranlate the questions, user... terms in the url by changing the config file:


'questions' => 'topics',
'categories' => 'sections',
'users' => 'contributors',
'user' => 'contributor',
But how does one rename questions to topics AND chooses topics as home page.
Normally it is 'questions' => ''.
Thank You for any hint !
Q2A version: 1.6.1

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I think you want to change the Questions label. So what you are looking that can be possible by changing the name in Language file.
Eventually it will give you the same output you want. Since you are defining Questions (topics) as home page it will consider it as a homepage and it won't reflect into url either, so I think doesn't make sense to rename that in config file, but just only rename the Questions label everywhere.
As far as I know we can not change the url label through the language files. So the only way to change questions to topics is by using the constant_path_map method.

So, we can do it, but if we do it we have no way to define topics as homepage.
This is the problem.

It is necessary because on sub categories the script jumps again into questions/... urls, as the setting we can do is only for the homepage.

So i need both, redirect questions as homepage AND topics instead of questions on sub categories.

Actually I see that we can have only one thing, tranlated url parts or the freedom to define a homepage.
Valid points.