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I've recently changed my site URL from (just an example) :




Everything is ok, except for the images embedded in the posts (answers and questions) : they do not display anymore.

With a view source on the page I can notice that they are referenced as :


that is :

- using the old URL, the URL that I've disabled (that's the reason why they do not display anymore)

- using an absolute URL (it could be ok, but it's a wrong URL)

What do you think ?

Did I miss any config step  ?

Why do they have still the old URL ? Is it "stored" anywhere ? (I could not find it....)



the avatar images are still visible.....


Q2A version: 1.6.2

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ops, found, sorry.

It's in the content field of the qa_posts table smiley

Do you usually have to change them "manually" when you modify the URL of your website ?

Is it correct that they are stored as absolute Url ?

I had the same issue with smileys ....
I have had to manually change their urls, they were saved as absolute url in the db.

I think that it's ckeditor that's using absolute urls.
I'm wondering if it would be better to save relative paths instead of absolute ones.....