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I could not find a list of plugin requests, so this is why I ask now.

NoahY and Scott provided a lot of great plugins that add awesome features to the core of q2a. From their coding I also learnt to write my plugins. Sama55 and jatin.soni are doing a good job too.

So you may want to present your idea to us. One or the other could be realized :)

Q2A version: 1.6
nice topic you started Kai.. love to hear..... :)

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On my wish list:

A plugin that reinforces users engagement by enhancing the gamification mechanics 

Why?  The actual game mechanic is based only on ranking users by score witch is not recommended  since it leads to a few users dominating the platform:  the top 10 versus the VAST majority.
it's too hard, frustrating and annoying  for new users  to climb the ladder. People need small challenges that guide them along the path.

The perfect game mechanic scheme would be having mile stones to achieve through the platform. Let’s say as new user your first challenge is to earn the beginner 1 level which require 100 score , then you can become beginner2 if you earn 300 point more witch enable some privileges. hit  700 score and you become Novice . the expert status require 3000 points. Experts have great privileges (like having access to jobs offers, I’m saying things bluntly for illustration purpose)

Currently the platform doesn’t fully support that: 

Yes you can assign titles to users as they reach a specific reputation score (through admin panel)
But other things are missing :

  • Seeing who are the titles owners (who are the level 1 users, expert users... , )
  • users level management :
    • Showing to user how much is left to jump to the next level, something like " you need 120 points to become expert which enables X,Y,Z privilages " 
    • Celebration: email notification: «congratulation! You are Expert at AbcQ&a",..

Great thanks for our great contributors ! 

Mhh, that already exists: Badges plugin and Best Users per Month plugin, as well as plugin privilege management.
Thanks kai ! the problem with badges is  they are cumulative. when you hit 100 pt you earn the "100 club badge" , and at 1000 pt you receive the "1000 club badge" . it doesn't replicate the social natural process. if we replace badges with belts ( like in martial arts). You go from white to yellow, to orange... to black belt. you can't have White and yellow belt at the same time ( while you can have "100" and "1000 club" badges at the same time). the status shift is not clear.
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This you can implement as well. I did it in my forum, example: www.gute-mathe-fragen.de/34543/?show=34546#a34546 I am using the user points and assign an "expert level" with roman numbers. So instead roman numbers you could output CSS class which holds an expert color as you described... however, the user will not be notified when he reaches a next rank. But he sees it, next time he is re-reading his own answer :)
It would be very nice. There is an implementation in StackOverflow that the user is in a global rank and a week activity rank. In a giver week he can be the first one, even if he has low punctuation.
Thanks Kai ;)
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A plug-in to enable the use of

Google Authorship Markup

directly on every question a user makes, so it would be very good for the users to be visible in google's answers.


That is interesting. I ever asked myself how they do it within the search results, great idea! We could show the avatar of the user who gave the best answer.
Yes this plugin would be great.
I'd love this one!
The plugin would be possible and make sense if most users would enter their google plus URL (the profile) in a custom user field. When a user answers a question we could just add this URL below the question with: <a href="[profile_url]?rel=author">Google</a> ... and Google would add his/her profile image to the search results.
Nice! Just what we need to improve Q2A and attract more clicks
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Hey, How about a plug-in to show in the Q2A Site Stats what is the percentage of questions answered?

If the users are responsive and active on that, this number would attract even more user knowing their questions would be answered.
Nice point. However, simple ratio indication may be useless. In the site where user's registration is open, non-active users (who don't active after registration or users who bot registered) occupies most. The ratio that these tendencies were analyzed into will be very useful.
I have developped a statistics plugin which is in alpha. If there is more time, I continue development and release it in some months...

For now you can use the existing widget (built in core) that shows number of questions >admin >Layout >Activity Count. You have to edit core file: qa-widget-activity-count.php - There you take the count values and divide them to get the percentage...
to add the percentage you need:

// add x percent of questions answered
$percVal = 100-( qa_opt('cache_unaqcount')/qa_opt('cache_qcount')*100 );
$themeobject->output('<P CLASS="qa-activity-count-item">');
$themeobject->output('<SPAN CLASS="qa-activity-count-data">'.number_format($percVal,1,',','.').' %</SPAN> solved');
Nice one! +1 for the initiative.
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referral system

for example :

each user should have his link to registration page

for example user A  invite an user B 

 user B will registred and automatiquly user A got some points
and also user can get points for inviting users by facebook


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Plugin to send Bithday message on Birthdays
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Another feature Hide Links / URLs for Unregistered Users.....
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A plugin to allow CDN.

There's been a few questions abut CDN but as of yet, nobody has come up with a easy to use plugin that doesthe job.
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  1. Twitter, Google and Yahoo login integrated with automatic avatar, username, full name, gender,birthday and about
  2. Multilanguage switcher
  3. Excellent responsive or mobile theme like yahoo answer or twitter
  4. Change Vote to Like or Unline with thumbs image
  5. Private message menu
  6. Tree Categories or something to replace the old ugly categories
  7. Live Chat with experts
  8. Comet Chat
  9. List of experts by category
  10. Image sprite base for badges, menu icons
  11. flag question with optional reasons
  12. thumbnail in question list for question with image
  13. CDN option for images
  14. Video and audio question and answer by live cam
  15. Featured Experts list by category
  16. Follow my answer widget for embed to external website, with photo, stats and recent answer/questions
  17. Send to friend (html email contains question and answer)
  18. Unlimited category and subcategory
  19. Internal articles with unlimited categories and sub
  20. Ads manager
  21. Replace external link with bit.ly or custom shortener with ads
  22. Front page like Facebook or Twitter
  23. Change point with real money, payment with paypal
  24. Lock answer, member with with enough point can view the asnwer
  25. Donation
I second the multi-language switcher & the send to friend. Chat is already available, it shouldn't be very difficult to change the colour of the name in case there's an expert.